Do I need to hire a lawyer for my personal injury/divorce/custody matter?

Hi, Im Matthew Mobilio founder of Mobilio Law. If you have been injured in an accident or are faced with a pending divorce or custody matter you may be wondering, do I really need to hire a lawyer? The short answer is no, Pennsylvania Law does not require that you hire a lawyer to handle your legal matter. For personal injury matters you can file your own claim with the negligent person’s insurance company and for divorce and custody issues many jurisdictions provide self-help forms that will guide you through the introductory processes. You may also be able to utilize a local pro bono legal services organization such as North Penn Legal for help with certain matters.

Unfortunately injury claims and divorce and custody matters often become too complicated for people to successfully handle themselves. What if a negligent party’s insurance company determines their client was not at fault and denies your claim? Or what if you cannot return to work but the insurance company has you examined by one of their hired doctors and he says you are fine? On the divorce and custody side, what if your spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers? Or you file a child support claim and the other parent denies making the amount of money you know they make? The fact is a lawyer serves many functions, not just as an advocate but also as a counselor, teacher and friend.

If you are wondering whether you can afford to hire an attorney for your civil matter you are not alone. Unfortunately many people in Pennsylvania who are in need of legal services for their civil matter simply cannot afford to hire an attorney. If you do not qualify for help through a local legal aid organization, Mobilio Law offers an affordable hourly rate for divorce, custody and support services and for personal injury matters there is no cost to you until we recover damages on your behalf.

If you contact Mobilio Law for a free case evaluation I will tell you if your matter is simple enough for you to handle on your own or whether I would recommend you hire an attorney to assist you. And if you do not hire me? That is okay! If you contact me for more information there is no obligation. Call or email me today to find out if you really do need the help of a lawyer.