What is Taking So Long for My Injury Claim to Settle?

Hi, I’m Matthew Mobilio founder of Mobilio Law.  In this video I am going to talk a little bit about why choosing the wrong attorney could be delaying the resolution of your injury claim.  If you have in the past been involved in an accident and filed a claim and/or a lawsuit or if you are currently involved in such a claim at some point you probably wondered “what is taking so long?”  There are many reasons why resolution of an injury claim can be delayed.  As an attorney who has worked for injured people as well as on behalf of insurance companies defending injury lawsuits, in my opinion the number one reasons claim resolution is delayed is due to a failure on behalf of the injured party’s attorney to diligently move the claim forward.

There are numerous steps to resolving an injury claim but the time it takes to complete those steps is often times under the sole control of the injured person’s attorney.  From acquiring the police reports and medical records to submitting a demand package to the insurance company to drafting and filing the lawsuit to completing discovery in litigation, nearly every aspect of the process can be sped up by an attorney who is diligently pursuing resolution.  To be sure, the process can be delayed by non-responsive insurance agents, obstructive defense counsel and unforeseen circumstances.  However, the truly diligent attorney has at his or her disposable many tools to push the process forward.  Non-responsive insurance agents can be prodded by the filing of the lawsuit, an attorney can file motions to compel defense counsel to act and so on.  Often times attorneys are looking for the easy way out and are afraid to go to court so they spend years trying to resolve the claim with the insurance company only to have the claim denied.

You should never settle for an attorney who is going to sit on your claim while you suffer through treatment and pain and suffering waiting to pay your bills.  If you want an attorney who will aggressively pursue every dollar you are owed, contact me today for a free no obligation case evaluation.