What do I do if Im injured in an accident?

It is of vital importance not just your health but also for any potential personal injury claim that you might have that you seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident.

As a former insurance defense lawyer I was trained to identify and highlight any gaps in medical treatment, especially a treatment gap immediately after an incident, in any settlement negotiations. Those gaps are then used by the insurance companies to try and prove that you are not as injured as you may claim to be. Even though your delay in treatment may be due to a delay in the appearance of your systems, any delay in seeking treatment will be looked upon negatively by the insurance companies when evaluating your claim.

Also, if you believe that your injuries will in any way affect your ability to return to work in the same capacity as prior to the accident, it is important to notify your employer as soon as possible. You may be too proud to admit that your injuries will affect your ability to work but returning to work before you are physically able to do so may not only further exacerbate your injuries, it may negatively affect your claim.

It is also of vital importance that during any office visits with any medical professionals after your accident that you notify them of everything that is bothering you. While it might seem strange to advise your family doctor during a routine checkup of your injuries from the accident, it is important to generate as much documentation as possible to support your claim. When the insurance companies are reviewing your claim they will look at your medical records very carefully to try and identify a period of time where you made no complaints to your doctors and they will then try argue that your failure to complain means that your injuries must have resolved.

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