True Costs of Failing to Compromise in a Custody Proceeding

Hi, Im Matthew Mobilio, founder of Mobilio Law.  In this video I’m going to talk a little bit about the true costs of a failure to compromise in a custody proceeding.

When you are embroiled in a custody dispute, there are often times numerous issues to be resolved other than just who gets the children on what day.  Issues with regard to pickup and dropoff times and locations, what do if one parties’ vacation plans encroach on the other parties custodial time are common issues.  There may also be issues such as one parents’ alcohol use, a choice of counselors for the children, if the parties even agree that the children need counseling, and whether grandparents will be permitted their own visitation.

Simply put, there are numerous roadblocks that can and do arise when trying to come up with a custody agreement.  When I am discussing these issues with clients Im often times confronted with statements such as “We need to fight this issue” or “I will not agree to such and such proposal”.  More often than not the issues that clients decide to dig in on are relatively immaterial.  Rather, the desire to fight about certain things very often stems from animosity between the mother and father and not what is truly in the best interests of the children.  Not only does the lack of compromise fail to advance what is best for the kids, it can incredibly expensive.  Every email or letter exchanged between mother and father’s attorneys arguing about Monday being a better day than Tuesday for visitation and every version of the proposed custody order being reviewed, edited and sent back to the other side is costing the client’s money.

To be sure, certain issues such as the possibility of exposing the children to alcohol or drug abuse and making sure the children are getting the counseling they need are worth fighting for.  Ultimately however every dollar spent fighting and paying lawyers is one less dollar available for your children.

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