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Were you hurt in car crash? Mobilio Law can help you get paid!

Car, motorcycle and truck accidents can be incredibly frightening. In fact, they can be so frightening that you may be injured and, due to the shock, not even realize it until several days later.  The insurance companies will try to blame you for the crash or, at best, offer you a small amount that will not even cover your medical bills let alone your lost wages and other damages.

I spent years defending insurance companies from motor vehicle claims. I learned every trick in the book that the insurance companies use to deny you justice and I know how the insurance company lawyers think, because I was one.  If you want the best results, go with an attorney who has litigated every type of car and truck accident on behalf of insurers and victims.

I have handled everything from minor auto accidents to catastrophic death cases. The insurance companies look for every way to deny your claim.  Having an insider on your side will ensure that does not happen.

Contact Mobilio Law today online or by telephone at (610) 882-4000 to speak to Attorney Mobilio about your car, truck or motorcycle accident.  While we serve many areas, we focus our practice on the Lehigh Valley, including Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, the Poconos and the Philadelphia suburbs including Montgomery and Bucks County.

As always, your case will be handled personally by Attorney Mobilio. Unlike at other law firms, it will not be passed along to another attorney.

It happens every day across the country. You, a safe and careful driver, are minding your own business, driving down the road when you are violently struck by another car.  You may or may not immediately feel pain but eventually it becomes clear that you were a victim in the accident.  Maybe you can’t go back to work right away.  Maybe you need surgery.  The bills pile up.  Your employer wants to know when you are coming back to work.  The careless driver’s insurance company says their driver did nothing wrong and denies your claim for payment of medical bills and lost wages.  Your doctor recommends further treatment but you can’t afford it and you can’t afford to miss any more work.

Don’t let the poor driving of one person ruin your life and don’t let the insurance companies deny you the compensation you are entitled to. You can pursue payment for past and future medical bills, lost wages, lost earning capacity and other damages under Pennsylvania Law.

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