I want a divorce but my spouse handles the money. What do I do?

In many marriages one spouse handles all of the financial dealings of the couple.  This can often leave one spouse in the dark with regard to the financial health of the couple and can make initiating a divorce particularly difficult on the dependent spouse.  This blog will discuss what you can do if you want a divorce but your spouse controls the money or if you and your spouse have separated and you have been cut-off from the family finances.  

The Pennsylvania Divorce Code has safeguards to protect the financially dependent spouse in the above-referenced situations.  Depending on the income of the parties and some other factors, a dependent spouse may collect alimony from the independent spouse while the divorce is pending.   This is referred to as “alimony pendente lite” or “alimony pending litigation”.   Alimony pendente lite is awarded without regard to whether you were actually at fault for the divorce.  Rather, the Court’s only consideration is whether the spouse has a need for the support.  And men, alimony pendente lite is available to you as well.   This allows the dependent spouse to maintain the divorce action and a quality standard of living while the divorce is pending.

Not only might you be able to collect alimony pendente lite, you may also be entitled to the costs of your attorneys fees in bringing the divorce action.    In requesting attorneys fees the Court will consider, among other things, your financial resources and the payor’s ability to pay your attorney’s fees.  Your spouse may even be required to pay the costs of an appraiser, accountant or any other professional that may be needed to help you determine the value of the marital estate.  This request can be made at the outset of the divorce proceeding in a Complaint or later through a petition to the court.  

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